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Wife had girls weekend so I had a GURL weekend pt2

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please read pt one 1st Friday morning I dressed normal and went out for food before coming back to my room and transforming into the cock hungry slut I am. I had one man that was wanting to cum over around 3 that stood me up when he said he could not get away. It happens so no big deal. Next was a black guy that wanted to come meet me around 9pm, He had told me he wanted to fuck my sissy ass in his message so I was hoping he would not stand me up. I showered and cleaned up inside and out then dressed for him. I send him a message telling him where I was and to txt me when he got to the h… Read more

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"PLAYING THE GAME" By Maximus Addams

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All I could think about as his fat cock slammed the back of my throat was, “This had better be worth it.” Up and down I slid my freshly painted lips on his thick shaft. He was hung like a can of soda. His cock wasn’t long, about 5 inches or so, kind of average in my experience, but it was one of the thickest I’d ever seen. My jaw was stretched to the max trying to get my mouth around it. I felt his wiry pubes brushing against my nose and tickling my nostrils as his hairy balls slapped against my chin. “Oh, yeah,” he moaned. “Good girl. Suck my dick.” I hummed and moaned a little on his… Read more

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Sort of comments I make on ppl profile


"Haha" ~ That was excellent, hope your phone weren't plug into the wall socket could of gave yourself a shock, imagine it soaking wet and told to put up against your face for a chat having your juices run down your face, wouldn't you look pretty................. Into the comment at hand; Need to blindfold your eyes and then bound your legs open so you can not close them and your arms and body tie down so can't move and stretch your 'lady lips' open with some wooden pegs that are tie and held in place (more fun when wooden pegs are wet) and place a fuck machine between your legs "think we start… Read more

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Available Prison Ass Gay

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Clayton Smithers sat in his jail cell wishing to God he had never tried the scam. At first it had worked fine; the diploma mill had sold him the diploma and arranged what looked like good references, even responding with glowing letters of praise if anybody ever asked about the qualifications of Doctor Clayton Smithers. It had been a sweet deal with money coming in and all kinds of sexy women patients to fuck but it had come to a sudden end. The FBI had busted the diploma mill and tracked down the "graduates" who had been using the diplomas the same way as Clayton had, to swindle and otherwise… Read more

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Gertruds Metamorohose into a hucow


The village was very small, calm, surrounded by farmers and the local people seldom had something new going on to discuss about, until Trevor, the 58 years old known rancher appeared Saturday end afternoon with that uncommon woman at the Joe’s bar. The seven men sitting around starred at them, or better saying, at her. The attractive lady entered in the place showing pronounced curves in a tight outfit and free big breasts bouncing under a thin blouse. The unusual view silent the bar for a whole minute. Everyone could see, she had no bra and she looked very uncomfortable with all the eyes on h… Read more

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First gay encounter

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It was the early 60’s , I was hitch hiking back to military base in N.C. thru Washington D.C. It was evening and I had a long night of hitching hiking ahead of me. A car stopped on the northern edge of D.C. offering me a ride. i got in and there were two guys about forty. They asks where I was headed, said N.C. They suggested that I could stay with them overnight and continue in the A.M. As I recall initially, didn’t think Anymore about it than two guys being nice to a young military guy. We got to their apartment which was quite nice with high end furniture and decorated nicely. We sat in the… Read more

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Client Confessions 102: Ken's Embarrasing Er


Ken Kim was a new client with one of the more unusual problems we've encountered. Ken was born and raised in the USA but his parents and most of his immediate family immigrated from Korea. That wasn't the problem but in a way maybe cultural issues were involved. At 34 I'd have said he was the picture of good health and in initial checkups exhibited a very strong erection that I noted occurred almost immediately after his pants were pulled down. When I look at the photos I'm reminded of just how firm and 'rock hard' his erection was, such a deep purple glans and remarkably straight and upward… Read more

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HOUSEBOY Part One Last night was incredible. I’m always in the mood, but Vic was on fire! First, her fingers, then her mouth, and then she used the strapon! I hadn’t used a dildo for a long time and I thought at first it was going to hurt. But watching that pink marbled phallic dong disappearing between my legs was very pleasing. And Vic was so nice to prop her arms holding her upper body above mine and gently thrust the pink guy into my twat. Just the thought of her huge breasts swaying with the effort and seeing the dildo disappear and reappear again and again. Ohhhhh….god, it’s making me… Read more

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Cat Diary - human point of view - July 2020

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This all started when I noticed a stray cat crossing my property a few times. Apparently, that is all it takes. Beware! When I was in the Army, back in the early-to-middle 1980's, I was privilrgrd to know and serve under some sergeants who were Viet Nam veterans. One of them used to love to say, "Do you know what the difference between a fairy tale and a war story is? A fairy tale begins with, 'Once upon a time, ...' & a WAR STORY begins with, 'This is NO BULLSHIT, because I was THERE, and I saw this with my OWN fuckin' eyes!' After that, they're both pretty much the same." Well, THIS is… Read more

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18 Hours of Debauchery - part 1

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Prelude The message: "You're probably aware by now that your husband Ben has been sharing you with me using hidden cameras. I've watched you - horny and frustrated from this distance - as you and Ben have made slow, sensual love each night. I crave to do as he does - to wrap you in my arms and feel your warm skin; to kiss and tease your velvety nipples; to smell your musky pheromones; to taste your soft, wet pussy and plunge my tongue inside. But most of all I crave to feel your hot, wet pussy wrapped around my engorged, hard cock. I'm so envious of Ben - but he's had yo… Read more

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Story for hotwifie Slut Lyn must obey

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Slut Lyn must obey We did chat on xhamster for a while now and swapped phone numbers, the next day I texted you "Be Patient" Nothing else. I waited for a week and in that week I ignored your text on my phone or on xhamster, it must have been a strange week for you not knowing when I was going to call or react. After that week I called you, you saw my number and was happy and answered "Hello" my response was "Hello What" and I Hung up. The next day I called again, again you picked up but with a strange feeling, "Hello Sir" I had a big smile on my face, you are a quick learner. "Hello slut, tha… Read more

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My love of Corsets and high cut panties

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It all started back in the sixties, yes women were wearing tights but still a few stuck with stockings. My mum still had them but it wasn’t hers that got me into it. It was a family friend that we used to visit, let’s say her name was Mary. Mary was a lovely woman and always made a fuss of me, well I thought it was me but I guess she was like that with everybody, I thought she was beautiful and couldn’t wait until we went to visit. It was especially great if it was the winter, or any time when it was chilly. She and her family lived in a cottage that had a huge log fire that heated the whole… Read more

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My Wife Rita

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My wife Rita and I have been married for three years now and we have been very happy. She is twenty four now but because she only stands a little over 4' '7" and looks so young, you would swear she was only thirteen. She loves sex and is very multi-orgasmic. I have never met a women who could cum so easily or so often. Though she is very small she is very well proportioned and looks like a 6' fashion model in miniature. She has long golden blonde hair, wide hips, a tight ass, small breasts with very large and extremely long pointed nipples , a tiny narrow waist and a pussy that gets… Read more

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Losing my anal virginity

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This is a true story of how I lost my anal virginity to a random stranger from Craigslist. Posted anonymously elsewhere. ————————————— I cheated on an ex gf with some guy I found on Craigslist. I had always considered myself straight (despite the cross dressing and panty obsession), yet had been growing more curious as I got older. A few years ago (in my early 20s), I was flat sitting for friends while they were away, and I was on the Craigslist casual encounters section (more out of interest than looking for anything, I was alone and bored). I saw an ad about a Netflix and maybe chill ad f… Read more

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nothing you can do about it

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Jessica loves to hunt for these white boy who think they are on top of the world she likes to follow them on social network and find where they live until the right moment comes and she can start preying on them her bedroom cameras soon about to capture another <<tuff>> white boy become a little bitch for her marvelous 9inch nothing makes her more horny than watching em crawl away as she mount him and pound the fuck out of his ass , like a dog he whimpers and endup broken repeating blacks live matters infront of the cam , her fans love watching a white boy starting to understa… Read more

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A whore's story

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I touched my fair skinned face as I woke up, and it fealt sticky, I taste it,'s cum, I sit up, my pussy a little soar, pretty naked, and there were money notes all over me and around me, bottles of alcohol, powder, pills were thrown, condoms, girls and some guys too, in fact one was right under me...I stood up slwoly and went to the bathroom, trying not to wake anybody up, though a couple of chicks were going at it in the corner next to the window. I reached the bathroom, looking at my naked self in the mirror, face, neck, tits, even my hair is covered in semen, my pussy was wet as I… Read more

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My first embarrassing spanking

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Growing up I’ve always had an interest in spankings. I’m sure it all started from being spanked as a k**. I’m a happily married 52 year old white male. To give you a better picture of me, I’m 6ft, 195 lbs, short red hair, smooth body, 5 1/2 inch cut cock, decent shape. My curiosity to receive a spanking as an adult grew more and more. I was wanting to be spanked by an older man. Not a severe spanking, but one that would leave my ass red. And to have a feeling of shame, embarrassment, guilt and being exposed to another man, a complete stranger, in such a naughty way. I signed up to a gay spanki… Read more

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My Thai MILF 8

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As we headed down the rode I heard Gan humming and signing as we went. She asked me what I thought of Sunny and I told her that she was hot just like her. Gan smiled and said that she and Sunny shared everything from the time they met. She asked were I was going and I told her that we need to go to a shop that sells sex toys. Gan looked horrified at first but I told her it was a very classy place and they ladies that work there are very nice. When we got there Gan could not believe it and was racing around the store like a c***d. I picked up a basket and he shopped for some items. I bouth two… Read more

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My Beautiful Slut


A message pinged on her phone. Him: Hey you xx why don’t I pop round this week. It would good to see you. It’s been a while. Her: Yeah, sure. I’d love to see you. Wednesday works for me xx Standing in her hallway on Wednesday morning he immediately sensed something different about her. After exchanging hello’s, he took a moment to appreciate her. His eyes moved slowly, taking her in. She looked amazing. She was petite, firm and perfectly proportioned, with long flowing brown hair and deep brown eyes. She was standing in her bare feet, wearing leggings and tight fitting top that hugged her b… Read more

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Rachael ... part 5

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The previous day and a half had been surreal. I had met Rachael in the supermarket car park and helped her when her car had a flat tyre. We had enjoyed a night of hot sex as her way of thanking me followed by a day of hotter sex when her estate agent who was also her sister joined us topped off by receiving a blow job from their mother. I had spent a second night with Rachael who told me about the fun that her family had before the tragic death of her father and her and her sister’s disastrous marriages after which we returned to her bed for a second night of sexual pleasure. I had invited th… Read more

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