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My first climax.

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My mother passed away when I was a p*****n. My dad, in a fit of misguided sincerity, determined that my brother and I, “…needed a mom!” Therefore, a year later he married the worst possible choice: this woman had already been married at least twice (maybe 3 times?) before Dad showed up and was widely considered to be the poster c***d for White Trailer Trash. Nice lady though. She had a daughter who was about a year older than I was, tall, slim, with a nice rack for her age but a little buck-toothed. At this point in her life she was taller than me, probably standing 5’5” or better, and she was… Read more

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Helping the elderly

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I used to offer my services as a helper to old folks living on their own but who needs help for certain tasks in their home. This one guy called John was only 65 years old and in good shape for his age but has trouble walking since he replaced his hip. So he needed help to take a bath until he can afford having an adapted bath to his condition. When they gave me his case, they specified that he wanted a guy to help him since it would be too uncomfortable having a women giving him a bath which, as a straight 24yo boy i totaly understood. His record also shown that he was completely sane and w… Read more

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New Friends .. Laurie's back home..

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So we spent lots of time talking from across the way, eating together, but apart. Rob and Jane came by to say hello a couple times. Laurie and I had a couple more video sessions, no one else around tho. However I did wake up early one morning with John stroking me and he gave me a great blowjob to start my day. The next day I could go home and end all this distancing stuff. We were all pretty much keeping to ourselves, and since no one was leaving the park, then the people already here were a little looser about it. It had been pretty empty before, and with no new people being allowed, as wel… Read more

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Fucked like a slut

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We have setup to met in his hotel room. I forgot the number cause i was so nervous. I knock, he opens up in his bath robe. He greets me with one of those excited smile. Looks like a really nice guy though. Without waisting any time, he points me to the bathroom. - Take a shower, make sure you get your hole real clean for me and put this on. I take a look at the counter. There is a collar made of leather hooked on a silver chain, a pair of lady's thong, a sexy black dress for women and a silver ankle chain. I shut the bathroom door and do as he asked. This is exciting. I'm already hard as a… Read more

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My Dream FIrst Experience

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I wrote this before i had sex with a man. Might have had sex with one woman. But here it is for you to enjoy :) It was a hot day in Montreal. I've decided to wear a white t-shirt, a pair of jeans and my new flip flops. I was nervous but ready... I met that guy on the internet. He sent me an email from the classified ad i placed. We then met in RL in the village. He was exactly what i was looking for. A nice guy, athletic and shaved almost everywhere. We spoke for an hour or two and we agreed to meet again. That day was today, he offered to meet at his place in his condo for 8. I made sure my… Read more

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Sylvia and her friends at the drive-in 1963

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. Judy and I made a lot more love. We had had more sex than most people do in ten years. Rachel and Judy and I had a lot of sex over the next year until she left for New York, but my mother and Cecil and I...never again. She wouldn't even talk to me about it till years later. I was about sixteen and one half when all that stuff happened...there were only two ways I could go after fucking my mother, I cold become celibate or be a whore., I decided I had out to see where it would go. I didn't have sex with anybody, not Judy, not Rachel, not anybody except my hand for about a month after it all h… Read more

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My Sexual Life pt 3. The Sleepover pt 1


The Sleepover Part 1 Bedtime was an event every night. No longer did I beg my parents to be allowed to stay up later. Every night I was eager and ready for bed. Once I was tucked in and the light went out it was time for Barbie. I would normally wait 10 minutes or so for my parents to return to whatever they were doing, usually watching TV. Barbie was usually tucked under my mattress, waiting patiently for me. When she wasn’t there, she was tucked in the bottom of my school bag. We had lots of fun adventures out in public as well as in bed, so she was always nearby. I would pull her out,… Read more

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Spring Break, Corona Style – Part 6

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This is a Re-Post of a Story from my last Profile, Jessy49. I have changed the title and up-dated it to reflect Current Events. I hope my Consistent Readers will enjoy my attempt a Dark Satire. DISCLAIMER: This is a work of fiction; I do not condone any of the actions described in this story. All aspects related to real life persons or events is strictly incidental. Attempting the following Inc(e)stual Acts in real life is Ill(e)gal and Immoral… unless you wish to spend the rest of your life in prison becoming Bubba’s Bitch, I strongly suggest you simply enjoy my story for its artistic… Read more

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GF teaches her Why BBC are Better

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Tara had always been very open and forward about her sexuality with Lindsey. Ever since they first became roommate, Tara had approached her and been very blunt that she was a highly sexual person, and asked if Lindsey would be okay with her having sex in the room while Lindsey was there as well. She had said it would be harder if Lindsey tried to avoid being in her room, which Tara had said she had every right to be in, just because Tara was a little overly sexual. It was Junior Year, and Lindsey had slept through Tara getting railroaded by countless guys. Lindsey was a little bit of the oppo… Read more

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One of those Weekends - Vac Pump Fiction


It was one of Those Weekends – Fiction by Zeke Part 1 – Meat the Neighbor It was one of those weekends that every pumper fantasizes about, a three-day weekend with no real plans except to get as big and as bloated as possible. I have been doing saline for about six months now. The 15 years of pumping I’d done had my skin so stretched that I’d easily moved up to doing about 6 liters over the course of two days and pumping my cock afterward gives me a thick swollen piece of meat that easily fills my 3.5 by 12 inch tube almost to the end. Being a chronic exhibitionist I love getting huge and g… Read more

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bbc turns cop into sissy

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I breathed on my new chromed nametag and polished it on my sleeve. I had been promoted: Sergeant Lincoln Lovel. I attached it to my blue uniform shirt, checked myself out one more time in the mirror, and walked outside to the police car in my driveway. Life is good. My utility belt gleamed, newly polished; my buttons all glittered; even my service pistol shone like it was gold-plated. And I had sergeant's stripes on my sleeves! My wife Cheryl waved to me from the house. My son Jan grinned at me as he walked over to his own car, a babe-mobile yellow Corvette. It was finals week; he was about t… Read more

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My Boss’s PA

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I was 33 years old; even if I say it myself, God had been kind to me! I was not fat - I had a good firm body, without having to go to a gym! I probably looked about 25! I know - you hate me already! I had been in and out of relationships with various girls since school; I had a tendency to get bored quickly. I know what you’re thinking, but before you judge me, think back to yourself and the way you were when you were that age? So, it was probably fair to say it was probably me, rather than them, I just wanted different things to them, so when I split up with someone, the usual things would h… Read more

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I Want You to Want Me


So the trouble all started on a Friday morning. I work as an I.T. Intern while I work on my degree. I usually have to rush around because I carpool with a buddy while my car is in the shop. I got my just over six-foot self dressed, in a polo and khakis. I wasn't a football star but I ran and tried to keep my lean form in shape, with some tone on my arms and stomach. I grabbed my bag and headed into the kitchen to see my Mom and sister Linda. "Hey k**do," my Mom stated as I grabbed the toasted bagel covered in cream cheese she left… Read more

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True story - Window cleaner


hey again, hope your all well and not going to crazy stuck indoors. Heres another true story from me to keep you entertained. This Particular incident happened around a 2 years ago roughly and was very fun. would love an opportunity like this to pop up again. Myself and James had our house and i had given birth to our son a year before. Mine and James' Sex life was ok but a little stagnant... nowhere near as filthy as id gotten else where or had previous. it was just the usual run of the mill...  strip of, give him head for a while, he eats me out til i cum, i ride him for a bit, missiona… Read more

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From friend to crush to friendzoned cuck


I've known Sarah for years and we hit it off immediately. I always thought she was attractive, with her long legs, her dark hair, her beautiful thick lips. But I didn't have romantic feelings for her right away, it was something that slowly grew as we spent more time together. One night we were drunk at her place. We flirted a lot, and I thought it was time for me to finally make my move. I told her how I felt, but she gently let me down. She said she couldn't ruin our friendship. She loved me, but not like that. I was crush, I was in love with her, but I didn't want to lose her friendship, so… Read more

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Episode 131: pan-demic


This story follows on from the strange ideas I was harbouring in Episode 52: BJ and Alia, predicting the role of sexbots in ending our present civilisation. All governments public emphasis has been on plans to reduce the load on health services by limiting the spread of this year’s virus to ‘manageable’ levels. Here’s another suggestion: reduce the population of old and vulnerable people before they need to attend hospital without putting at risk any more health workers. All care home and hospice staff that are still healthy are temporarily replaced by medibots. Unlike sexbots, which have… Read more

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Daily Masturbation


I'm in bed naked, and I started getting sexual thoughts like I usually do...cuz im a dirty girl who is horny all the time...literally every single day, several times a day I get wet from my thoughts and my panties get so wet, that I have to even change my underwear couple times a day... I was imagining getting licked by a random hookup, and the guy is eating me like a nice and smooth...I was grabbing his head as he was eating me … sometimes I would move his head the way I wanted to, to hit the right spots...he started to push his tongue in my pussy, it felt so good, I was almost… Read more

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When I cummed with my cousins bra


Being able to cum on a woman's bra, regardless of who she is, really gets my cock excited. My cousin and her family were due to go on holiday for a few weeks and they had asked for my family to hold on to a spare set of keys to check up on their house often, making sure all is in order while they were abroad. I used this is as an opportunity to convince my parents to let me stay there for a few hours to study since it would be an empty house which meant no distractions. They agreed and when the day came I could hardly contain my excitement at thought of finally being able to cum on my cousins… Read more

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When i had my first wet dream with my mums bra


It's been over 5 years since i discovered my fetish of cumming on bras. The first bra i ever shot my load on was my mums sexy 34F black bra which she still wears. It has since become my favourite cum dump. The very first time, I challenged myself and still do to this day by seeing how much cum i can unload onto the big sexy bra. Even now, I still can't believe how excited I was when I initially did it as it clearly showed by the mess I made on the bra. I had been watching videos of other people cumming on bras and of women giving titfucks while wearing their bras for almost 30 minutes which de… Read more

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Julia I lived in a small three-bedroom house with a two-story deep basement on six hundred and forty acres out near Hebbronville. The place was over then miles from town and the closest house was well over two miles away. To say I had my privacy is a huge understatement. I had a one hundred by one hundred steel-framed shop as well as a large steel-framed barn for working on my vehicles. It held up to six cars as well as a couple of tractors. I leased out the bulk of the land and lived on five acres with fruit trees and a large garden. I grew almost all my own vegetables and the rancher who le… Read more

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