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Wife Maya story 2 PT 1

Interracial Sex

Mayla decided after we got back from hanging out with our friends on the boat that she wanted to go on another vacation ASAP. We didn’t have a lot of money so we spoke with the guys at work and they said there’s all types of stuff out there with those all inclusive packages or whatever! We were interested . Not very good with computers so our friend, Thata, helped up look. I really didn’t bother too much with the planning cause it would stress me out too much so I told Thata it just has to be somewhere nice . My Irish white butt doesn’t need to be in the cold and lose the tan I got from bein… Read more

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My Shaved Cock – 2

AnalGay MaleTaboo

My Shaved Cock – 2 This is a made up story about coming of age in a household with my brother and yes it is a gay story. None of this ever happened except in my twisted old mind. I woke up to the sound of the vacuum cleaner in the hallway. My hand went to my shaved cock, it was still smooth and soft and I looked over at Jim’s bed. His bed was empty which was not unusual for a Saturday. He usually spent most of Saturday at his friend Tim’s house. My fingers wrapped around my hard cock and I ran it up and down enjoying the feel… Read more

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Clark Kent aka Superman had lusted after Lois Lane since He,d started working as a junior reporter at The Daily Planet in Metroplis, USA, but she always seemed just out of reach as she seemed to consider him a bit of a boring nerd who though well fit wore glasses and seemed low on confidence and very shy around women. Of course we all know Superman as Clark Kent plays that part well and Lois hsd no reason to think otherwise till the day they were both on assignment at the flooded local river while rain lashed down. No one could have foreseen the gust of wind that pushed Lois off her feet and i… Read more

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A little story about how we started

First TimeFetish

First I’ll start by our names I am J wife is M I work for a sells company and she is a Zumba instructor. As you can see on our pictures she has a very nice round ass. And thick thighs. Me and my wife have been married for 21 years and love our life together. One day about 6 years ago we started to get a little cold in the bedroom department. I had read that porn could help couple re ignite the flame. So one day after we came back from a party of a friend of hers where she had had a few drinks. I suggested we should watch some adult films and the first thing she said to me am I not enough any… Read more

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Ellie And The Home Credit Part 2


As my tongue felt the wetness of Ellies panties and my nose firmly wedged against her shaded button hole I was reluctant to move, Ellie was rooted to the spot and her head was elsewhere as we both realised we had an audience, Sophie stood rooted to the spot by the doorway, mouth open as she surveyed the situation. I was guessing but was under the impression this was the first time Sophie had seen her mother in any kind of sexual activity let alone with a strange man old enough to be her father, time stood still as I kept my head buried with my tongue flicking between the wet gusset and her ar… Read more

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Fucking My Grandmother


This is really a true story of my life and is also one of my favourite times. Before introducing you with the story I want to tell you that I got to know about Desi Kahani from my friends so I also thought to post my own real story. This is the story of me and my grandmother. I always didn’t had any interest in my grandmother. I always considered her as my grandmother with full respect. But sometimes I got little bit horny like sometimes when I was sleeping with her and I touched her boobs by mistake. So by this I got little bit horny. During that incident I was in 11th Class ie. I was of 18… Read more

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5ive Maids


There are five maids in my house (we are upper middle classed family) and there names are 1.) Shobha age 58 yr , size 36 34 36 2.) Krishnaveni age 56 yr , size 36 24 34 3.) Kanchana age 65 yr , size 34 26 34 4.) Rajeshwari age 57 yr , size 34 26 36 and the last 5.) Bhagyama age 59 yr , size 36 36 34 The story starts like this ….. Once my mom had to go out with my sister as she had her medical exams ( one whole week) from morning 8 am to evening 6 pm at basvangudi (bangalore) ……. That day my dad had gone to office at 7 am and I was alone and sleeping ……. At about 8:30 (actually not sure) I… Read more

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Meri Dadi Ke Bade Boobs


Is kahani ke sabhi characters real nahi hai aur story kalpanik hai. Lekin ye story real life incidences par aadharit hai. Main aurto ki izzat karta hu aur unhe agar meri story se koi aapati ho to maafi chahunga, aur please mujhe batayiye. Main janta hu ki aurto ko life main, society main bahut kuch sahan karna padta hai. Lekin ye sirf ek story hai, ise sirf fantasy ke liye hi padhiye. ABOUT ME Mera naam Ravi, 27 yrs old, belive on true friendship. Mujhe sex stories likhna pasand hai aur main chahta hu ki reader meri stories padhkar apne personal feelings share karein. Hamare desh main rural ar… Read more

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Adventure with Tamara!

MatureInterracial SexHardcore

Two years ago (shortly after my 30th birthday), I got out of a (too) long relationship with my ex girlfriend Amanda. I had spent the better part of my twenties with her. There were plenty of good times, but as the years went on, our sex life became less and less eventful. Sadly, it wasn't particularly eventful to begin with. When we ultimately broke up, it took a few weeks for me to get my head (and the whirlpool of emotions spinning around therein) back on track. With Amanda in the rearview, I had realized that I had YEARS of good sex to catch up on. In particular, I realized that it wasn't j… Read more

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Swingers initiation (Part 3) Initiation completed

Group SexHardcoreTaboo

After Pedro caught us having oral sex without is knowledge we came back to their friends clubs at the disco dancing floor. Pedro didn’t take long to forgive her and since we were close midnight, we decided to go in the former Bank vault. Pedro told me about the favour that was allowed by Sylvie having a threesome FFM in exchange of having hers MMF threesome. when we accessed the vault, the ambiance was already hot where a threesome was in a double penetration and another threesome FFM where girls where very active and the guys was allowed to touch only is girlfriend. The lightings of the roo… Read more

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Piano Lesson


Saturday Morning and it is time for my lesson..............I had decided I needed to expand my horizons and decided to learn how to play the piano. I have scoured the web and found a very talented lady who also, truth be told, always dressed well and got my cock twitching............ Normal attire for you was skirt, hosiery (stockings or tights to be determined - however either always please), lovely smelling hair, a figure hugging blouse or T-shirt and low heels. I knocked on the door of your house and there you are, as you open the door, dressed immaculately. You smile and we exchange greeti… Read more

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Dinner date


You invite me around for dinner - I ask if I should bring anything - as I usually like to bring a surprise - but you tell me just to bring a fine bottle of wine and a smile. I arrive and you direct me immediately to the bedroom - you tell me to sit in the armchair in your room and wait. You leave the room and my mind runs riot with what the hell is going on!! You re-appear with a corkscrew and two glasses and tell me to open the wine and pour some out - I do as instructed. You re-appear five minutes later and immediately my cock begins to harden!! You are wearing a santas helper outfit with bl… Read more

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Drive in the Cuntry


“Fancy a drink?” I say as we get into the car. The smell of the blossom fresh on my senses as I step out of the car moving aside it and the door closing behind me. You spring out of the passenger door looking across the top of the car smiling and eyes sparkling. Outside a countryside pub we walk towards each other moving away from the bonnet of the car and my hand slides into the small of your back, touching you and gently rubbing up and down your lower back. You are dressed immaculately in a short black dress, low heels, tan hosiery (as yet to be defined as tights or stockings) and most impo… Read more

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Fun at lunch in tights


We arrange a rendez-vous for a Friday lunch time for a few drinks and lunch. You are dressed in pleated skirt, boots, black opaque tights and blouse with jacket. You look delicious. Drink flows and discussion turns to naughty experiences we've had in the past. Boldly I suggest an idea to you and I am over the moon when you agree to carry the idea out....................must be the drink, but who cares!!!! We leave the bar and pop to Anne Summers on the high street - we purchase a vibrating love egg and 8 inch silver tipped vibrator. Carrying our purchases and both extremely excited by what we… Read more

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My Admirer


I know some will view this with distain. I made a choice and I'm not ashamed to admit I enjoyed and continue to enjoy my pleasure. When I came home from the birth of my daughter I found evidence my husband had entertained women in our bed. That is a difficult to over look or forget. Fortunately I was able to maintain my body after the birth and I certainly had a different attitude toward my wedding vows. I began to see other men in a way I quickly became accustom to. I sought out reasons to delay coming home from work. I flirted, teased, found I was wanting others to admire me as the… Read more

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My Admirer


I know some will view this with distain. I made a choice and I'm not ashamed to admit I enjoyed and continue to enjoy my pleasure. When I came home from the birth of my daughter I found evidence my husband had entertained women in our bed. That is a difficult to over look or forget. Fortunately I was able to maintain my body after the birth and I certainly had a different attitude toward my wedding vows. I began to see other men in a way I quickly became accustom to. I sought out reasons to delay coming home from work. I flirted, teased, found I was wanting others to admire me as the… Read more

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Sexy Sub Slut 'ShySanne': Day 2 (video!)

BDSMFirst TimeLesbian Sex

INTRO: VIRGIN TEEN WANTS ME TO TAKE HER, MAKE HER MY SLUTTY SUBMISSIVE SLAVE & SEXTOY She started it all, less than a week back. Messaging me from her almost empty profile. She is in my town. Her fetish is BDSM. That's all. She is new to it all. Moreover, still a virgin. This is how our tasty talk starts. First day shy Sanne quickly opened up at my questions and eagerly responded to my propositions to her. She admits how young and inexperienced she is and gets quickly very wet and hot, so she undresses. She tells me about her best girlfriend Fleur (Flora) with whom she can talk ho… Read more

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Summer of 93’ Part V

Group SexHardcoreHumor

Summer of 93’ Borrow him Part V After being told all the rules, Natalie got up and turned on the plant shelf lighting in our bedroom which brightened the room much more than just the candles. Natalie said, “we like to see each other.” As she stuck out her ass and walked swishing her hips back and forth, this was very out of character for her, she was pretty nerdy. She put her foot up on the bed and held her pussy open with two fingers. Maggi slid over to her, “I suppose you want me to lick your pussy, you slut?” It’s been a good pussy, won’t you lick it?” Nat answered. Maggi starting licki… Read more

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Helping hand

Gay MaleFirst TimeTaboo

A new theater opened not far from me. It wasn't very big, but I was curious. Coming home I finished my school work and thought I'd check it out. I knew it wasn't like any I had been to the second I opened the door. The hallway was dimly lit and pictures of movies I never seen before we're on the wall. Going to the window, the older man never looked up as he took my money, and buzzed the door open. Going in the room, there were several doors. A little nervous I went to the last door and stepped in the room. Putting a dollar in the slot a video started. I couldn't believe I was watching a gu… Read more

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The Family Bed

First TimeTabooHardcore

The Family Bed Chapter 1 It was a smoggy, overcast day, and that partially accounted for it being so quiet, though it was the beginning of Christmas vacation. Whatever the reason, Donna Howell was just glad that the day had been so quiet, and she hurried to switch off the lights in her classroom before the usual last minute gossip wandered in, keeping her from leaving on time. It happened often during the school term and ordinarily the attractive blonde teacher didn't mind in the least, as she wasn't happy about going home to an empty house. But this day she had good reason to get home… Read more

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