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The prostitute wife

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Velvet Sandra did well at the brothel on Gladstone Street. Her name and her mysterious appearance were a real money-spinner. She took up sex-work because she could do it at night while her husband looked after their toddler. She was nervous on her first night because she hadn’t worked in the sex industry since before she’d had the baby. But her fears were dispelled on her first night when she discovered how horny the breast milk that oozed from her forty-inch bust made her clients. She was even happier when she quickly realised that she could charge extra money for it. It became a regular fi… Read more

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A horny wife, alone and far from home

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Sherelle & Postman Pat Sherelle was horny. Not just average horny like she could satisfy herself – but really horny when only a cock will do. She is very particular about cocks though – always has been. She prefers wide rather than long. Some women, especially older ones – who’ve fucked around a lot, like Sherelle, rave on about long cocks – black ones in particular, but Sherelle reckons length is overrated. ‘Thick is what really does it for me!’ she told her friend Nancy on several occasions. ‘I like long and black’ Nancy responded, ‘I once fucked a guy whose cock came nearly all the w… Read more

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From gloryhole to be owned

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This happened a few years back and honestly been craving and dying to let it happen again. So I answered an ad on craigslist about a Gloryhole nearby my place. One check that out and oh my God fucking One of the best blowjob I have ever had. I love it so much, I emailed him my number and told him to text me when he has his gloryhole up. And boy he hit me up every time and damn straight I went to him on a regular. After a few time letting him suck me dry I didn’t ask him I told him I wanted to suck him off a bit. He was surprised but willing, so I got on my knees and he slowly showed me what ki… Read more

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Dan went to collect Blake and his mother at 6pm as arranged. "It's a pleasure to meet you, Mrs Dean. You have raised a very polite, hard-working young man." Mrs Dean smiled. "I'm pleased to meet you, Mr Rogers. Blake speaks highly of you." "I feel confident that we will have a good working relationship," said Dan. "Please follow me to the car and I will show you where Blake will be living and working - with your blessing, of course. Come along, Blake. You can sit in the back." On the journey to the house, Dan gave Blake's mother the same vague story about being in the entertainment industry… Read more

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The Freshman

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Mike had been a “player” in high school and, without a doubt in his mind, expected to be one as a freshman in college. It was a reasonable expectation. He had the looks that females wanted to know better; the shoulders of a competitive swimmer, 5 '11”, dark hair and olive skin of his Cuban mom and light brown eyes of his Anglo dad, and an easy-going self-assured manner completed his babe magnet credentials. He expected that his freshman year of college to be no different than his senior year of high school. In fact, during his second class he had eyed Beth, a blonde, blue eyed, buxom be… Read more

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Empire of vampires 1.2.1


1.2 Richard Even though vampires are much stronger than humans, they have similar weaknesses. Use the weaknesses to control them, not to destroy them. If I am right, they are not only the key to world domination, but most importantly to saving humanity. From Richard Baxter's draft of ”Letters to my Daughter” - Empire City 2035. 1.2.1 Meeting with Richard *2033* Selene looked from the window of her private jet over to the skyline of the city. For a hundred and twenty-five years she had been building a life according to her own ideas. And there were always good oppor… Read more

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the rapebot

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Mike had spent his last 5 yrs developing his humanoid robot, gathering big data of sissies vids and knowledge the first version was finaly ready he sat on his chair the , big cylinder ''pussy matrix;'' he called it just massaging his bbc jead as the systems load up the vr set on he check his vision his motion sensor and it was time for the first run the black tall robot looking human went out in the night, Mike sittong comfortable drinking his beer walking his self out , his creation was flawless finally he had to see if it would pass the real humain interaction test and it sure did, sit… Read more

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Anal Experimentation (The Vibrator)


[ For something a little different than usual for me! ] I'd never done all that much 'anal' experimentation. I had, briefly, when I'd been a little younger but I hadn't since then---until I decided one day, on impulse, to buy a cheap dildo/vibrator at a local adult bookstore. I admit that the experience of buying it was a little nerve-wracking, though. It was my luck that the person working behind the counter that day was a cute girl about my age; and I almost decided against going through with buying it, but I dared myself to do it anyway, and as I walked up and put the blister-pack wrapped… Read more

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Jordyn Jones After Fun Photoshoot


19-year-old Jordyn Jones was exhausted. She had been doing photoshoot after photoshoot all day and had been left on her own on the set while the photographer had knocked off for the day down. Jordyn went to her dressing room and collapsed on her sofa, sighing to herself as she immediately felt her body relax from a hard days work. Picking up her phone she then began to run her hand thought her hair and twirling her fingers through her long light blonde hair. As she did this she suddenly dazed off for a moment, apparently lost in thought as she contemplated the last time she had had sex. I… Read more

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Wife massage takes an interesting turn while husba

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The pandemic and the associated restrictions in Melbourne have been a drag for us, and for many others I'm sure. We are eagerly counting down to some relaxation of the rules so that we can indulge in some relaxation of our own again! Luckily we sneaked in some fun back back in February, which I recorded. We rarely record our play but this was a slightly different setup. We are both so glad that we recorded it, considering that for the past 7 months it has been hot to watch and enjoy in lieu of actually being able to do anything like it. Back in February life was still normal - in other words… Read more

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How Big is It Hard? PT 2 Gay

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I didn't bother putting my clothes back on when I got up to fetch two more beers from the fridge. It took me a minute to figure out what I'd done with the bottle opener, and by the time I got back to the couch Tyler's cock had mostly gone soft, although he hadn't put his clothes back on either. I passed him one of the bottles and raised mine in a toast. "Here's to satisfying our needs." He grinned and clinked them together. "Cheers." We drank in silence for a few moments. "So, that wasn't your first time doing that, was it?" I asked. "Yeah, I've done that a few times, but it was a while a… Read more

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No Choice I am a CockSucker GayPT2

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I looked at the leader of the group and he was smiling a knowing smile. They had me and I was powerless to fight. I thought I had done enough to get out of this situation, but it did not seem so. As I glanced down, I noticed the leader had a sizable hard-on trapped inside his tight black jeans. He walked over to number 2, took the camera and ordered me, "stand up." Then he told number 2, "Take of you pants and assume the bottom position, knees up and ass out on the edge of the bed." The leader gently grabbed my cock and turned me toward the ass. He was on the bed, his feet hanging over the… Read more

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Padded Humiliation


Padded Humiliation Akiya was caught at a club where narcotic traffickers also "do their job ". He had no papers with him so he was brought to the police station ignoring his requests to take his passport from the hotel . The cop looked at him with a wicked smile : " Seems you are i*****l here and probably sold d**gs at that club we have to keep you here - one night " . " Sir , I am not i*****l am a tourist , only ... " he was interrupted : " we will clear this , no worries , young man " he was locked in a cell desperately repeating that his papers are in his hotel . The cop looked at him and… Read more

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Ann Next Door Watches


Further adventures with Ann Next Door: Living on a dead-end street, headlights through your windows are going to get your attention. On this particular Saturday early evening, it was Ann Next Door's car leaving the neighborhood; likely they're off to a bar or running some errands. Another boring Saturday night. Then again, living on a dead-end street next door to Ann, anything is possible. A notification on my phone chimes. The phone vibrates in excitement too, like it knows something surreal is about to happen. Ann. My fingerprin… Read more

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Showing it all on the beach

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We have always loved sex, and adventurous sex at that, be it with others, or outdoors where me might get seen, or just plain risky locations. We have had several narrow escapes and a few good ones where they joined in, but we have never gone out to deliberately be seen having sex. I guess you would say it was the next natural step we would take but when and where? As it turned out it happened without us really trying…. We would go to a well known naturist pebble beach in Devon. We had been going for years and getting an all over tan, the odd suck here and there if it was quiet etc…. We had… Read more

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Another fun night at the club

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It had been a while but we had finally managed to arrange to get together and spend the day and night at the club. I picked you up and we drove over to the place looking forward to a day of nakedness and pleasure, As soon as we got there we could tell it was busy even for a Friday Day as the car park was full we smiled at each other and went in and got undressed. The first thing after a nice shower was a dip in the indoor heated pool, and it was a matter of seconds before our hands were running all over each other it had been far to long for both of us and we had a lot of catching up to do, I… Read more

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Finally it happened weekend away in Vegas

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The contrast of a black man and a white woman has driven me wild for years. Ex-girlfriends of mine had told me about their experiences with big black cock, and then watching interracial porn and reading stories on this site and others only fueled my fantasy. We'd been married just over 10 years when fantasy finally met reality. It wasn't an easy task to make it happen, but it was worth it when it finally did and this is the story of how it happened first time. After a few years of being married, I finally got the courage to let her know about my fantasy about seeing her having sex with a big… Read more

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Turned into a Slut for BBC PT2

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The rest of my day went like any other normal day. I cleaned myself up, did the chores for the day, and began preparing dinner. The only difference was, I did everything while remaining completely naked. It so much more naughty for me to be naked and do my normal housekeeping duties. In my mind I was doing it for Jerome, and I wanted to please him with my ability to be his slut. I know that is crazy considering he wasn't their, but in my mind he was, and I was performing for him. I couldn't get him out of my mind, and I couldn't stop thinking about how he made me feel. He treated me just like… Read more

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Exciting games on hot Summer nights


The first three quarters of this story is all factual, it is only the last little bit that is fiction. At first my wife was very nervous about it, but after a few times she found it so exciting and it became easier for me to get her into it. Sometimes we would fuck, or Margie would suck my cock,  in front of the window with the curtains wide open; it would only need someone to walk past, or even to drive past if they happened to look across, and what a view they would get. At first she was very tentative about doing it, but I could tell that it was a huge turn on for her, because she was… Read more

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My First Time with a Much Older Woman - Part 1

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HOW A SHY MATURE WOMAN TURNS INTO A DIRTY SLUT I will tell you a story that happened to me many years ago and I will never forget. I love surfing the internet and sometimes I meet different people in some chat. Usually we just chat and have fun, but it has happened to me several times to meet live with girls or young women, as well as to have sex with some of them. But what I will tell you was quite different. I accidentally met a woman on Skype who was much older than me. I was 32 at the time and she was 56. Our conver… Read more

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